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Shohada Charity Foundation

In early 2020, when Corona Virus spread in Afghanistan and to prevent it, the Ministry of Public Health ordered the quarantine of Afghanistan’s most populous cities, including Kabul (the country’s capital), we with a group of friends, the Board of Trustees, a number of mosque elders Jame and Hosseinieh Shohada, cultural activists and youth gathered together and the initial plan of the Shohada Charity Foundation was dismantled, which was established after many consultations.

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Phone: 0093-786734495
Phone: 0093-747669019
Phone: 0093-748524442
افغانستان، کابل، سرکاریز قلعه شهاده، مجتمع علمی فرهنگی مسجد جامع و حسینیه شهدا

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Pictures of distributions and activities of the foundation

Distribution of foodstuffs with the help of respected Iranian donors (13 Jan 2021)

Distribution of food with the help of respected Finland donors (2 Nov 2021)


Follow the Martyrs Charity Foundation on social media and stay up to date with the latest events and news related to the Foundation. You can also see the process of distributing aid.

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