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Shohada Charity Foundation

In early 2020, when Corona Virus spread in Afghanistan and to prevent it, the Ministry of Public Health ordered the quarantine of Afghanistan’s most populous cities, including Kabul (the country’s capital), we with a group of friends, the Board of Trustees, a number of mosque elders Jame and Hosseinieh Shohada, cultural activists and youth gathered together and the initial plan of the Shohada Charity Foundation was dismantled, which was established after many consultations.

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افغانستان، کابل، سرکاریز قلعه شهاده، مجتمع علمی فرهنگی مسجد جامع و حسینیه شهدا

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Name of the Foundation: “Martyrs Charity Foundation”

Affiliation of the Foundation:

This Foundation is independent in its activities, independent of political parties and government organizations, and is fully committed to the full observance of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its contents.

Center of the Foundation: The head office of this foundation is in the sixth district of Kabul city, at the head of the Shahid Fortress, in the Grand Mosque and the Martyrs’ Hosseiniyah.

The goals of this foundation are:

  • Coordinating and securing relations with well-wishers inside the country and citizens of the country abroad to finance the foundation
  • Helping the poor and needy in society to reduce and eradicate poverty
  • Promoting a culture of altruism and philanthropy
  • Expansion of social justice
  • Knowledge development, education


  • Identify and stabilize families in need of the foundation’s financial capacity
  • Providing the needs and necessities of families, poor orphans to improve their living conditions.
  • Promotion of Islamic culture and knowledge through book reading competitions, sports competitions and students’ leisure celebrations and other programs
  • Providing education and training expenses for members of poor families and poor orphans and providing them with material and spiritual support.
  • Arrest the poor of the society by creating a culture of entrepreneurship and productive employment as much as possible
  • Special attention to forming a family as the first and most vital social center and helping to facilitate marriage through group marriage
  • Expansion of teamwork collaborations with other charities


Board of Trustees

  • They play a role in the foundation’s progress and submit their reform proposals to the board of trustees.
  • After the end of the term of the Board of Trustees, the appointment of a new Board of Trustees.
  • Extension of the term of office of the Board of Trustees, re-election of some members of the Board of Trustees for subsequent terms

Powers of the Board of Trustees:

  • The Board of Trustees is the highest authority of the charity foundation and the executive decision-making authority of this foundation.
  • If it becomes impossible for any member of the Board of Trustees to continue cooperating due to death, dismissal or resignation; The Board of Trustees elects another qualified and trusted person as the new member of the Board of Trustees by a two-thirds majority.
  • In official meetings of the Board of Trustees; Decisions are approved by a two-thirds majority of the members present at the meeting.
  • The meeting of the Board of Trustees is attended by two thirds of the total members of the Board of Trustees
  • The participation of the members of the Board of Trustees in the meetings is necessary and the absence of any member without a valid excuse is not acceptable and the intermittent absence during the year will be considered as the resignation of the member.
  • Absence of any member without a valid excuse and without prior notice in 4 consecutive sessions or 6 alternate sessions will be considered as the resignation of the member.
  • Until the appointment of a new board of trustees, the previous board of trustees will remain sufficiently responsible.

Criteria for selection of the Board of Trustees:

  • To be good; Personal donations and charitable efforts to raise funds
  • Being well-known and having a good reputation in the society
  • Influential and influential among ethnic groups inside and outside the country

Duties of the Board of Trustees:

  • Determining the general policy of the charity foundation.
  • Review and approve or reject the proposal of the charity fund manager
  • Review and approve or reject the proposal to dissolve the charity center.
  • Changes in charitable budgets and possible losses.


Duties of the Chairman: The Chairman is the executor of the approvals of the Board of Trustees and has the following responsibilities:

  • Legal representation in official authorities and institutions and against natural and legal persons.
  • Provide necessary proposals to the Board of Trustees in the field of expansion; Improve and coordinate the activities of the foundation in order to present and review in the meeting of the Board of Trustees
  • Managing the meetings of the executive board and the affairs of the executive committees


Follow the Martyrs Charity Foundation on social media and stay up to date with the latest events and news related to the Foundation. You can also see the process of distributing aid.

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